Do you talk to people about collapse?

Submitted by tnstaec in collapse

Compared to how important and how ignorant most people are about issues like topsoil degradation or peak oil, I don't bring it up often. I don't think most people are primed to hear much doom and gloom other than climate change or Trump, so I imagine my concerns will fall on deaf ears. But occasionally I'll go there.

Today was a pretty typical example. I was having lunch with a coworker and I decided to bring it up. I don't know the guy well, but he seems interested enough in social justice and environmental topics. So I kind of briefly mentioned likely collapse trajectories, gave him a moment to respond but he seemed to be processing the info, so I left it off there. Maybe I planted the seed of doubt about industrialism's future. Maybe he's already forgotten. Either way I think this may be the better approach than getting preachy and perceived as a wingnut.


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ziq wrote (edited )

I try not to talk to non-radicals about anything at all because their ignorance makes me neurotic...

But I find that even other radicals are hostile to green anarchists. I get so much shit for acknowledging that collapse is inevitable.

People say we're somehow genocidal for being realists - they think that us foreseeing collapse means we're actively working to cause the collapse. No, a few dozen broke-ass anarchists aren't going to manifest collapse, we just aren't putting our fingers in our ears and pretending that everything is a-ok.

Capitalism has always been pushing collapse. Constantly expanding industrialism is an ongoing collapse. We're already in the midst of a giant collapse.


Defasher wrote

I find people aren't interested in hearing anything that can be construed by the media as a "conspiracy theory". That includes collapse, and even anarchism. They just look at me like I have rabies.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I tiptoe around it until I'm sure. Too many people have been good and thoroughly suckled by the technology meme, which can be summed up as, "Technology will solve the problems created by technology without creating even more problems!" Or they're all "We'll go to Mars and start over," ignoring the very real obstacles that still render that option impossible and even if those obstacles were solved, it doesn't change the fact that unless we learn how to live properly, we'll eventually use up Mars or whatever planets we discover.