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KacperTheAnarchist wrote

In my opinion, Christianity was made to control people by brainwashing the into thinking that the establishment was picked by a god. It's not compatible with queer liberation.


raindropq wrote

neither have i ever got how people could interpret the omnipresent conceptual practice of distinguishing between light and darkness, between firm and liquid , as an objective, personal Being which watches and keeps score. that impression seems like a control / security manipulation-method , to be sure.

i do wonder how the story of Christianity got started, and concerned about where it is going / how it might yet be affected .


raindropq wrote

continuing; that is, the will to power, to discerning objection, to the affecting maintenance of a body is -in my view- absolutely essentially subject to something


PAVLVS wrote

Hi there! Does anyone know of any radical islam forums? There are some things I would like to say. Thanks and god bless you all.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

It would be cool if you made one and posted there:

I'll set one up and you can edit it as you like.