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Fool wrote

This is something that always confused me, how could someone that specialises in words have been so blind to contextual interpretation... now I see they just are really bad at their job profession (their job seems to be some sort of false expert - like the ones on right wing news shows - they seem pretty good at that).


subrosa wrote (edited )

Let me just say that I don’t really regard myself as an anarchist thinker – Noam Chomsky[1]

Anyone know where exactly this is from? Sounds familiar, but it don't look like it's actually from On Anarchism.

edit: Ah, nevermind. It's from an interview: The Relevance of Anarcho-syndicalism

Let me just say I don’t really regard myself as an anarchist thinker. I’m a derivative fellow traveler [of anarchism], let’s say. Anarchist thinkers have constantly referred to the American experience and to the ideal of Jeffersonian democracy very very favorably. You know, Jefferson’s concept that the best government is the government than governs least, or Thoreau’s addition to that, that the best government is the one that doesn’t govern at all, is one that’s often repeated by anarchist thinkers through modern times.