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subrosa wrote

Was mostly just 2 weeks of hype after r/CTH got banned, and then they all moved to for freeze peach reasons (they already didn't appreciate ziq's anti-tankie posting, leftists are comrades after all). Raddle used to ebb and flow a bit more, it's been a while since we got a bunch of visitors / had 50+ upvotes threads.


Keey wrote (edited )

The Rittenhouse attack demonstrates that sometimes shooting first can save lives. Two innocents dead and one shot, could have been prevented. It's not like NOT shooting first gets any credit in the USA.


MHC wrote

Reply to All fax no printer by arv

This statement needs explanation, or backing-up. It is easy to say "This is that.". But what is required is explaining to another party, as to why you consider it to be so.


CaptainACAB wrote

It's not just me it's literally every chapo.

Yeah, I know. What do you think the second paragraph was for?

We all left here because of that abusive dickhead.

Their stay was always just a temporary arrangement; they were waiting for the mods of their banned reddit sub to make their own website. Once it was done, they left; the values of the people here often clash with those of the chapo community anyway, so it's not like we're clamoring for them to come back.