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69_SHOW_ME_THE_ORBS_420 wrote

most divisive episode ever, some people (including Shannon Strucci, wow) absolutely love it, but other people hate it. i'm in the second camp. sounds like a boring guy droning on about nothing. Actual Chapo™ is Good Radio™, this is the opposite. this guest's voice is just the polar opposite of the hosts


celebratedrecluse OP moderator wrote

Yeah it's not good radio quality. Also Alan Moore is inconsistent on whether magic is an individual affair, separate from social relationships, or whether it is a matter of collective interactions. I also think the idea that shamans are the progenitors of all culture,language, consciousness, etc, is a bit anthropological and colonial.

It's funny to see Will so intimidated by Alan though lol. I guess a lot of us get sheepish and unwilling to confront our heroes when they show up in front of us.

All that said, Alan is an incredible author and artist, and I highly enjoy his work