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celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

While i can't really forgive Bernie Sanders' decision to endorse militarized borders, imperial warfare and kiddie concentration camps, I wholeheartedly support this development as a positive indicator of the political viability of socialist ideas.

It would be a positive thing in many ways if he were nominated by the DNC in 2020, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and think that a Bernard victory would be the end of the need for a revolutionary movement in the United States. The ballot box is just one battle, and a short one at that. The real challenge is to build popular power that can hold politicians to account regardless of who they are-- when that's the case, it doesn't matter if Republicans, Greens, Libertarians or Democrats are in office, because power isn't walled off in their ivory towers to begin with.

In fact, a Bernard victory in the general could bring the new danger of a further doubling down on terrible foreign & domestic policies that hurt people of color all over the world, enabled by the disengagement of liberals and reformists like Bernard.