Hello friends. It's your chapo friend of this forum.

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Hey everybody, hope everybody is well.

I’ve this newly created small sub on reddit. I made it when chapo was under the threat of being banned. I’m constantly updating it and trying to make it a safe place for leftists on reddit. When chapo didn’t get banned I was going to drop the project and move to raddle and I kinda did. But I also understand that for some migrating from reddit and coming to raddle can be a little hard. So I continued with setting up the sub, its not completed but at least is a place where people from left can start posting and sharing, a sub which will have mods of non-sectarian nature.

I also understand how reddit is a corporate website and them not taking down subs like t_d is a clear indication that they don’t care about people and everything is a public image issue for them. I also understand why people here would be a little critical of yet another sub that is going to hold people on reddit and not let them get away from that toxic space.

Those are valid concerns. I was just hoping that the new sub would work as a temporary space so more people can be made aware of this space and meanwhile not flood this place by coming in huge numbers. I don’t know if I’ve able to make my feelings clear so please ask if you have any question.

I’ve not mentioned the name of the sub, because I want first few users to be left users so trolls don’t just get a fresh new place to destroy. Thanks and regards.



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hasbrochem wrote

I'm glad you have a not-ouchy-willy that could potentially be something serious if it was ouchy



Lol, never noticed it spelled that out too.I’m gonna see this every time I look at my username.

Also I too am glad its not-ouchy-willy. :D


hasbrochem wrote (edited )

you're welcome, remember, the redpenis your friend...when editing


69_SHOW_ME_THE_ORBS_420 wrote

spez fuckin sucks but this place isn't taking off, the growth from 69 to 169 was fast and then it pretty much stopped growing

did the people on reddit who wanted to start an old school web forum do it?