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69_SHOW_ME_THE_ORBS_420 wrote



celebratedrecluse OP moderator wrote

it looks to me, although i am not sure, that the IPFS instance must always be running in order for the content to get served to people. Is that right?

Also i have uploaded the episode to the IPFS instance i installed, however it is a long string of letters and numbers. How do people who are not on IPFS access it? If it doesn't work from the clearnet in a browser/RSS program, this will be a huge barrier to people using IPFS for the hosting solution. Also, if IPFS needs to run all the time, I won't be able to start posting the links myself for a week or two until i get my VPS figured out


bleb wrote

i'm not sure how IPFS works but lmk if you need any help with your VPS. you could just host them in an RSS feed with HTTP, if you're comfortable with that. (most cheap VPS's have at least a few GB of storage.)