Submitted by jackiefellatio in chapotraphouse

  1. Someone mentioned on r/chapotraphouse that slave owners deserved to die.

  2. Reddit admins suspended the person for "promoting violence".

  3. In protest, hundreds more people started saying slave owners deserve to die.

  4. Reddit admins suspended all of them. They even started instantly auto-suspending any account that said it.

  5. Reddit admins demodded most of the cth mod team, saying they weren't removing the kill slave owners comments / memes. Appointed new mods.

  6. Reddit admins contacted the remaining r/cth mods and told them they were gonna ban the sub if the kill slavers memes didn't stop.

  7. The sub has restrictions put on it so only approved submitters can post to it, prepares to go private to try and avoid the ban (like that's ever worked before).

Did I miss anything?



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chaos wrote

Did I miss anything?

Reddit CEO Spez is a white supremacist who dreams of ruling over a post-apocalyptic Earth.


HumanBehaviorByBjork wrote

To my understanding the new mods aren't necessarily puppets of the admins, they were appointed by the remaining mods


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

Yeah i can understand why they are locking shit down right now, but fundamentally this means that raddle is a way better space for chapotraphouse to continue anyway. They should promote us, at least as a contingency for the inevitable ban.


uhoh wrote

After the admins imposed the requirement for poster approval, the mods wrote a bot to automatically approve all posts.


PraetorianGuard14 wrote

  1. CTH2 tankie mods form a clique and muscle out more reasonable mods and have effectively taken over the subreddit.

ziq wrote

Somehow the tankies always win when capitalists fuck with the left.


Zibelin wrote

Who are the approved submitters? Are they selected by the new mods?

I'm not sure if this is better or worse than a ban. A ban may have sent more people here instead of slowly killing the sub.


ziq wrote

Yeah the mods have to add users to the approved submitter list.


Keey wrote

Got banned from reddit for talking like a socialist revolutionary.