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celebratedrecluse wrote

this raddle sub is pretty ded tho. plus, this is your first post, why would any of the mods or admins immediately make you mod of a sub? we dont know you lol

anyway i'd rather focus on being part of the rest of the site, for example /f/podcasts is in need of more folks using it. you down?


satriale wrote

This is a good time to add at least one other mod but probably some of the earlier posters


jackiefellatio wrote

We should mod the reddit chapo mods that got demodded.


BlackFlagged wrote

If you wanna get modded but have no post history on raddle then at least link to your reddit post history so we know you're not fash.


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

please post a comment on your original reddit account linking to this one, if you want to be considered for mod positions on raddle, because basically anyone can find a random account and post it here, including randos and fash


techlos wrote

i'd suggest never modding someone who asks to be a mod outright - i've been running a pretty big trans group for a long time, and that rule pretty much solved mod drama forever. i've noticed that the more someone wants to mod something, the more likely they are to abuse their modding.


HumanBehaviorByBjork OP wrote

can't post new comments (cuz ban), but i can edit, so here is proof that i am a deeply diseased person.

also just realized i don't know what a mod does exactly. i just assume you'll need some help at this point. the things i can say for myself though are 1) i want this place to be good and 2) i don't want to be a power-tripping microtyrant. 3) there isn't a specific reason i deserve this more than anyone else.


bleb wrote

always good to get in on the ground floor


bucketofhorseradish wrote

hey i got banned too, for saying anti-nice things about guillotines. what's up peeps?