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The mods here censor every post that goes against their liberal-authoritarian bullshit. This site isn’t any more community-run than leftist spaces on Reddit. No real transparency. No community control. No friendly design for the users here. Mastodon at least got a proper content warning system, tag/word filtering, blocking, etc. Remember when the old sub mocked Reddit’s “you upvoted a no-no post” system where opaque mods would thought-police people into toeing an undefined and liberal political line? And then how the mods wanted to bring that system of vote-spying here? Why do you want to just make this into another Reddit? Reddit’s very capitalist design is diseased. This post will be deleted and account banned. In the modlog it will just say “wrecker” or “obvious wrecker.” Dedicating this post to my banned-boy JoeySteel and his boyband Steely Joe.



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Before anyone says it, they're not banning us for downvoting trans stuff, that's total fantasy and the shills saying we're just a bunch of transphobes are just saying that to justify the daily purges. I've downvoted trans posts if they suck and I've upvoted trans posts if they're based. I got 2 of my accounts banned because mods didn't like my voting patterns in the past 2 months. So I stopped voting at all on my main and removed my votes on old posts and they still banned that one because I was down on beatnik for being a product manager at ebay.