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If I'm honest I don't really care about the beatnik pedo saga... the admin jacking off in front of a teenager isn't going to affect my experience on the site personally, but there are other real problems with besides that drama. Like they were blanket banning everyone for upvoting posts the admins disagreed with or just for downvoting admin announcements, and after pedogate happened, they banned anyone that even mentioned beatnik or sienna and closed registrations for a week so no one could complain. They say we're supposed to make a new account to contest the ban but how can we do that if they won't turn fucking registrations back on?

The mod log the last week is filled with bans for wrecking even though none of us that got banned after sienna did shit to damage the site. And they say they can't see our ip addresses but then they say they're banning people for vote manipulation... like how can they know there's vote manipulation without seeing our fucking ip addresses? Either they have our ip addresses or they're lying about it being vote manipulation and are just banning anyone that upvotes a post they disagree with.

So tldr I'm willing to consider coming back to raddle because of how dysfunctional the chacha admins are but only if you guys do the right thing with your own dickhead admin. I mean if you search for ziq it's crazy how much consensus there is from literally everyone that ziq has to GO. This site would have been huge by now if you would just kick ziq the fuck out. You can't have an abusive shitstain calling the shots and driving everyone that comes here to insanity, shitting on our opinions every time we say anything that goes against ziq's pure ancom ideology.

Tldr tldr demod ziq and this site could become the new home of the left since chacha has banned all the funniest users and me for fucking stupid reasons. But none of us will come back back if ziq is still here yelling abuse at everyone that won't say "china bad, cia good".



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Well some anarchists believe in giving critical support to socialist states instead of shouting out imperialist propaganda like some kind of cia drone.


ruin wrote

What am I missing? Were you a popular poster in the past? Should I be excited about you even considering posting here? Would you be doing us a favor by your mere presence?

I don’t know what a chapo is, and I don’t think I want to.


ziq wrote

The last time I handed in my admin hat for a year, I had time to write w/tankies and a ton of other anti-red stuff, and infiltrate and tear redfash spaces apart. I think it's in your best interests if I'm wasting my free time doing pointless janitorial work around here, otherwise I'd be putting my energy into something more personally rewarding. And nothing is more rewarding to me than setting fire to your creepy clubhouses and exposing your fascistic beliefs.

Anyway it's not like I'm going to stop calling you a bootlick if I'm not an admin. If anything I have to be much nicer to you boot afficionados when I'm an admin. It's gross.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

You can look though the previous tankie brigades on here for a better idea of what these folks are all about, and for a laugh.

You don’t really want to know what a chapo is.


ruin wrote

I don’t know what brigading is, but I’ve gathered this is all some online shit I wouldn’t want to be involved in.

Raddle seems pretty ok to me as it is. If you’re trying to recruit or coerce, you might have more luck by engaging with posts and incorporating yourself more subtly into the group.

This post is painfully self important and off putting in its tone and delivery.

Asking honestly, was your goal provocation, persuasion, something else entirely?


ruin wrote

Others as well, but this post stands out to me. It’s almost cartoonish in its self absorption.

It makes me want to know if that’s a purposeful rhetorical tactic or just a side effect of spending so much time in online spaces. Either way it’s bizarre and piqued my curiosity.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

Yeah it’s a low self awareness thing with these types I think.

Not 100% certain though. Other esteemed guests from the same platform as this person have given us similarly over the top diatribes. Worse, in a few cases.


bloodrose wrote


That is all.


CaptainACAB wrote

Sorry to break to you, but you aren't as important as you think you are.

If the only benefit we'd get from booting ziq is your continued use of the site, it's a pretty piss poor bargaining chip considering I don't even know or care who the fuck you are.

this site could become the new home of the left

That's not enticing. If ziq is the only reason your pals aren't on here, they sound like they make for lousy company, most people don't leave a community because of one person.


temtemy wrote

I don’t know what brigading is

Brigading is basically when you invite multiple friends to invade and manipulate another community. On reddit and other link aggregators, this is commonly done by voting up content that is favorable to your beliefs and downvoting those that aren't, while being outside of the community you're manipulating.


CaptainACAB wrote

It's not just me it's literally every chapo.

Yeah, I know. What do you think the second paragraph was for?

We all left here because of that abusive dickhead.

Their stay was always just a temporary arrangement; they were waiting for the mods of their banned reddit sub to make their own website. Once it was done, they left; the values of the people here often clash with those of the chapo community anyway, so it's not like we're clamoring for them to come back.