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satriale wrote

Can I ask you why you don't agree? I'm very sympathetic to anarcho-communism but identify as a dem soc since I see it as an important milestone that's achievable in my own lifetime. When the CTH reddit forum was smaller, there was a survey and a large portion of it identified as anarchist so I think the fan base is often mischaracterized.


tnstaec wrote

Liberals and state socialists have a fundamental misunderstanding of the state. The general idea is that state power can be harnessed to improve people's lives. It is possible in a limited way, but history has shown over and over that the state's priorities are making war and solidifying hierarchies. States are more interested in maintaining power and demanding obedience than extending rights and privileges.


satriale wrote

I don't disagree with you. I honestly can't fathom how our world would do away with states before state is your main gripe that state socialists don't go far enough in promoting the end goal of a stateless society?


Ant wrote

since you're sympathetic

you might want to read the classic short piece The Anarchist Tension

which will perhaps reframe your thoughts regarding milestones achievable in your lifetime