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tnstaec wrote

Welcome to Raddle. Can't say I agree with a lot of DemSoc / Sanderista theory, but I'm glad to finally see a mainstream tendency to left of the Democrats emerging in the US.


satriale wrote

Can I ask you why you don't agree? I'm very sympathetic to anarcho-communism but identify as a dem soc since I see it as an important milestone that's achievable in my own lifetime. When the CTH reddit forum was smaller, there was a survey and a large portion of it identified as anarchist so I think the fan base is often mischaracterized.


tnstaec wrote

Liberals and state socialists have a fundamental misunderstanding of the state. The general idea is that state power can be harnessed to improve people's lives. It is possible in a limited way, but history has shown over and over that the state's priorities are making war and solidifying hierarchies. States are more interested in maintaining power and demanding obedience than extending rights and privileges.


satriale wrote

I don't disagree with you. I honestly can't fathom how our world would do away with states before state is your main gripe that state socialists don't go far enough in promoting the end goal of a stateless society?


Ant wrote

since you're sympathetic

you might want to read the classic short piece The Anarchist Tension

which will perhaps reframe your thoughts regarding milestones achievable in your lifetime


foggymorn wrote

What theme are you gonna go with? I like material-beta-bluepurple.


Pop wrote

What is a chapo trap house?


KingTutte wrote (edited )

It's a memetic corruption of chapeau tarp hoser: a Canadianism for your friend who gets drunk and does dumb shit. Etymologically, taken from a hoser who would wrap himself in tarpaulin, and perform "antics."


PM_me_your_dead_fascists wrote

lol this answer is amazing. but... its not referencing that (although I like this Canadianism more than the actual origin of the podcast's name).

El Chapo = Notorious Mexican drug cartel leader, and

Trap House is a term that people use in drug dealing referring to a building occupied by drug addicts to use in.

They named it this because "it sounds like a rap mixtape".


zombie_berkman wrote (edited )

Some marginally left podcast with a rabidly liberal fan base. Also Prince_kroptokin brigade sub. Pretty much straight cancer


Pop wrote

More information plz

prince_kropotkin is a baddie?

Why are you getting downvoted?


tapeworm wrote (edited )

Prince_Kropotkin used to be a mod on r/anarchism 4 years ago, called jackrousseau - until he attempted a coup to take over the place and force a long list of rules and regulations (that he wrote) onto everyone.

When people found out what he was planning, he deleted his account, but not before swearing to get revenge on everyone in the sub. (I'm totally serious.)

So he came back as PK, trolled the living shit out of everyone on both r/anarchism and his reactionary hangout r/drama for being 'dumbass edgy teenaged lunatics', got a bunch of trans anarchists harassed and/or doxxed by nazis, and when he finally got banned from r/@, he was all "haha, I was jackrousseau all along!!" That was about 2 years ago.

He proceeded to make his own subs, and modded a bunch of scumbags who were also banned from r/anarchism for various gross reasons (racism, transphobia, pedo apologism).

Then his r/drama stalking campaign got even worse (since he no longer had to worry about getting banned) - linking to radicals on r/drama and encouraging his reactionary army to go after them. r/socialism banned him when he tried to take his drama to that sub. Then r/latestagecapitalism, r/shitliberalssay, r/fullcommunism, etc. The only left subs that haven't banned him are r/chapotraphouse, r/completeanarchy and his self created subs.

He spends hours a day telling literal nazis on r/drama how edgy, deranged and dangerous leftists are, leading to nazis bombarding us with messages calling us slurs and telling us to kill ourselves.

A few months ago, he penned a letter to the admins, asking them to give him and his shitty cohorts control of r/anarchism. He promised he'd police the sub a lot better than the democratically elected mods the community chose, crack down on any violent rhetoric against nazis, ensure no one talks about anything uncouth. The reddit leftsphere was furious and he was widely mocked - making him even angrier at us.

He then wrote a scathing post essentially blaming heather hayer for being murdered by nazis. Said she shouldn't have been protesting a nazi march because 'nazis are dangerous'. Said antifa shouldn't be putting themselves in dangerous situations by counter protesting fascist marches.

He prizes himself for being the one 'reasonable' anarchist who liberals and fash can all hang out with. The reason everyone hates him and his subs r/leftwithoutedge and r/anarchismonline is because he's a doxxing, stalking, compulsive lying, narcissistic crypto-reactionary confessed troll that mingles with fash and pedos while attacking leftists.

Oh, and he never misses an opportunity to praise the police or the US military.


zombie_berkman wrote

Just search homie, there are literal pages of search results on how big a pile of shit they are


GNU_Leon wrote

mod me pls I am smart and good