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Naokotani wrote

The Chapo community is homophobic? This has to be a disingenuous comment. It's just too silly.


ziq wrote (edited )

Please explain how you can not be homophobic while calling someone who put gays in gulags "fucking rad"?

How can someone who isn't a homophobe fetishize someone who saw LGBTQ+ people as subhuman and worked them to death?

I'm sick of people pretending like glorifying homophobes is A-OK if said homophobes are dead.


Naokotani wrote

I have never seen a gayer community than Chapo.

Let's say one of the mods likes Stalin and doesn't condemn his treatment gays, or makes some excuse for it, that doesn't really change the fact that the community as a whole is very supportive of, indeed glorifies, the LGBTQ community.

It have no idea how you could possible spend 5 minutes interacting with the Chapo community and think it's anti-gay.


ziq wrote

it's seriously fucking weird when collectivists perceive any criticism of one man as a criticism against the tens thousands of people who listen to the same podcast as that one man


ziq wrote

when did anyone say the chapo community is anti gay? We said the owner of the site is anti-gay.