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Reply to comment by ziq in's owner on tanks by suma


ziq wrote (edited )

Pedos often insist they're an oppressed group and deserve representation.

The only plausible target of this rule is pedophiles whose very politics will be situated as an "apology for violence against children," right? That's why this rule is there. It's so Raddle can a priori rule out the presence of pedophile voices. Just rule them out. Don't even sign up, pedophiles, you're a "violence towards children" apologist.


It's all part of maintaining the strictest, state-enforced, medicalized identity fully intact, no questions asked. This is what Raddle is all about, right? Promoting state power. Promoting the established categories. Allowing no questions. Ruling out discussion a priori. What minority in America faces more draconian surveillance, policing, shaming, exclusion, silencing, and censorship? None of your favorite victims qualify. And everybody who isn't a liar knows it, even if they're too much of a coward to admit it. And this is all true, even if you think you have a good argument for banning this or restricting that. It's true and you know it's true.


Now you can go back to hating pedophiles and using them in your absurd fight against hate speech and hate against minorities grounded in hatred and exclusion of a minority.


MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote

Holy shit. I knew pedos lurk amongst the libertarians, but I didn't know they tried to infiltrate this site too.


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ziq wrote

Yea theyre already calling me a cop for being sectarian against redfash


hogposting wrote

If you're not a cop, you're doing a cop's job. You've done more than anyone to kneecap an extremely promising leftist space.


ziq wrote

Sorry being rude to red fash isn't knee capping but I sure am enjoying your tantrum.