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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

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let’s just not resist nazism and imperialism because it would be hard for the population. You know what would be harder? Nazism and imperialism, and the experience of Eastern Europe post 1991 proves this completely.


celebratedrecluse wrote

i am pointing out how fucking ridiculous the quoted person in OP is, not stanning for nazi germany, how the fuck did you get this twisted lmao?


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I doubt /u/celebratedrecluse are shitting here on SU for resisting nazism and imperialism by sacrificing common people. I think she just wanted to point out that you can't compare CHAZ and SU like that. You absolutelly pointlessly are white-knighting (white-tanking?) for USSR here.

Meanwhile, Eastern Europe had experience with nazism and imperialism long before 90-s.