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train wrote

How? The CHAZ was a failure and was deradicalized so quickly. Instead of looking to create a sustainable autonomous space, a large body of protestors tried to make the CHAZ appeal to liberals. They renamed it CHOP so that it would sound less scary. But when media continued to portray the protest in a negative light many just abandoned the project. Thus the CHOP failed to sustain a community and became vulnerable to people with ill intent. The violence that followed became the excuse to eliminate the project entirely.

It's basically a classic example of what happens when you capitulate to the right.


celebratedrecluse wrote

the USSR repelled a nazi attack and held its own against the US and its imperial allies for seventy years of constant hot wars and proxy conflicts across every continent, at incredible sacrifice of the common people. lol


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

let’s just not resist nazism and imperialism because it would be hard for the population. You know what would be harder? Nazism and imperialism, and the experience of Eastern Europe post 1991 proves this completely.


celebratedrecluse wrote

i am pointing out how fucking ridiculous the quoted person in OP is, not stanning for nazi germany, how the fuck did you get this twisted lmao?


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I doubt /u/celebratedrecluse are shitting here on SU for resisting nazism and imperialism by sacrificing common people. I think she just wanted to point out that you can't compare CHAZ and SU like that. You absolutelly pointlessly are white-knighting (white-tanking?) for USSR here.

Meanwhile, Eastern Europe had experience with nazism and imperialism long before 90-s.


MC_Cookies wrote

uhhh not really, it was cool but it wasn't anywhere near the level of the ussr. not that i especially like the ussr, i'm certainly not ML, but that was one of the most prolific socialist experiments ever, and other ML projects have done similar things.


MHC wrote

This statement needs explanation, or backing-up. It is easy to say "This is that.". But what is required is explaining to another party, as to why you consider it to be so.