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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Hey, just a note that some super common language is actually ableist and should be refrained from using on this site:

Here's an article on the topic:

We won't stand by every example listed there generally, what's important is the general principles.


PootrKrobuttkin wrote

That's crazy


celebratedrecluse wrote

is it really so surprising that the language you have inherited from a society soaked in hundreds of generations of brutal tyranny, might be gently encouraged to change by people who share your interest in transforming social relationships that language has a part in reifying?

or are you a complete ostrich?

sub is full of snowflake libs who never self crit


An_Old_Big_Tree admin wrote

6 day global ban for ableism.


FuckRaddleModsLmao wrote (edited )

Thanks for signalling to me that this is a worthless platform with authoritarian, powertripping dipshit mods. If you're going to do this sort of heavy handed bullshit I literally might as well use any of the dozens of socialist subreddits that already have naughty-word bots to chide or ban us for the horrific crime of using words like "nuts." I don't need to come here if you're gonna give me more of the same bullshit, lmfao.

p.s. get fucked, saying "that's crazy" isn't in the same ballpark as saying the N word, it isn't even the same fucking sport, stop trying to make it like it is, fucker.

Also if you're the type of super fucking dipshit who instantly bans over shit like a single snide "that's crazy" in response to you chiding someone, hmm, maybe you could do us all a favor and flag all your posts as Admin (preferably with a note that you're a power tripping fucker with a hair trigger ban)


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Nobody said it'd be the same ballpark. N-word would be a permanent global instaban. What you saw is me raising a point about ableism with someone, then someone else using the opportunity to double down on that ableism, and just getting a 6 day ban.

If you don't like it, please leave. We have a w/terms_of_service for a reason.


Che wrote

Can you give me a list of really mean words I can use then


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

I can! Though I think people have deleted some of the better comments :( So I guess it needs work.

Hi All! I've been wanting to see what the options out there are for non-problematic insults. What you got?


Che wrote (edited )

Yo thats actually pretty cool thanks. Calling people tools sounds like a good replacement for ableist language


[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq wrote

You should lead a revolution against raddle's tyrants. The people need a messiah.


Oxenbinder wrote

You want to reduce our ability to communicate just so you can valor-signal? In this context, the c word does not refer to the mental capacity of the people in those chairs, but is used in a way that signals "wild abandon". Please get a life.