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TheDeed OP wrote (edited )

I think some people are getting the lemmys mixed up.

There is a which looks completely unfun tbh

Then there is a chapo lemmy instance that is being spun up separate from that one; just like mastodon has many instances, so does lemmy. it’s federated (but doesn’t have to be) anyone can fork lemmy code and make their own thing wholly unrelated to any other lemmy instances.


ziq wrote (edited )

Code is still shit (more than a hundred users and it all locks up) and the ecosysytem will always be dependant on a third positionist fash for as long as the site exists. Not smart to hitch your wagon to a fash.


TomVR wrote

Since bernie going up in smoke there are too many god damn leftists slipping into 3rd way fash shit.

Liz was recently on a podcast with white nationalists to talk about movies.