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PootrKrobuttkin wrote

Please brigade the fuck out of /r/employedbykohls, this company is a hotbed of frustrated workers and if there were even the slightest bit of organized support I think we have a strong chance of unionizing or at least mass strikes. People were pissed off before coronavirus, now we're back at work making half what we were on unemployment with insufficient "safety" procedures that amount to mostly theater.

Even before coronavirus, we are overworked and underpaid. Our compensation is arbitrary and might as well just be a number pulled out of a hat. And since most of my coworkers are persons of color serving primarily entitled white boomers, idk, it's got a real New Jim Crow vibe to how hard we're worked and how little we're paid. I'm white though and paid just as shit.

I've got one coworker who's been there almost 11 years and still isn't making $11/hr. She tried to get a raise when she was shoe supervisor and was denied. Then they hired this fat honkey and he claimed he was making like $12.50/hr., and he did fuck all so I don't see any justification for it. I was explicitly told by the then-store-manager that they could pay outside hires more than internal promotions. It's fucked. She then got shoved into the Kids supervisor position (worse department, more mess, no extra pay). She's basically chained to this job by her health insurance, because she needs seizure medication or else she'll die.

Oh also it's real fucking fun doing work for Amazon, taking their returns, literally spending all day doing labor for Amazon, but AT Kohls, but not getting Amazon pay.

Fuck there's so much more I could complain about, this is just shit off the top of my head.

I posted like a 10000 character complaint thread at /r/employedbykohls a while back, and it shot up to the most popular thread of all time lmao. Of course bootlicking mods deleted it, citing... arguing in the comments! One is literally named KOHLSMAN1999 lmao. He considers "bootlicker" to be "hate speech." BroketheMorning also deleted some shit of mine but he seems much cooler and much more amenable to agitation so plz donut harass

Like, seriously guys, if you're a trained IWW/other union organizer, if you walk into a Kohl's and can get people to start talking to you, 9/10 will basically be like "fuck this place, tell me more." Please help.


MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote

I worked at Kohl's for a few years and it sucked aaaaaaassssssssssssssss. My coworkers were so happy for me when I got a new job and got to move on that they threw me a little party. I hated to leave them behind. Seriously, some of the best people I've ever worked for, in the worst environment I've ever worked in. Fuck Kohl's.


cleverpanda1 wrote

It’s cool the coworkers didn’t also suck.


MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote

I've been very lucky in that regard in my working life. Not to say that I've never disliked a coworker, but by and large, I've worked with people that I found it easy to get along with. And I've had some shitty and low-paid jobs! The system sucks (and the people at the top suck), but the workers are good people who deserve better.

This has been an episode of "How I Got Radicalized" by Miss Piggy on Roller Skates.


celebratedrecluse wrote

yes, there is no actionable threat to ban us now, we can now launch phase 3


Ant wrote

What is great is that links from raddle are not tracked on reddit, so unlike a link from elsewhere on reddit, reddit would not be able to tell automatically that the brigade was coming from here.


hogposting wrote

Suggestion for this: /r/DarkEnlightenment. They have their own stupid racist lingo and everything.


Ganggang wrote

Oh yeah shit we can do that now


ItCameFromReddit wrote

Perhaps a stockpile of clean, aged and karma'd reddit accounts for evading bans?