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MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote

Is this in reference to something that happened recently? I haven't heard anything.

Not saying that I don't think her days are probably numbered, I just wondered if something happened.


PringlesCaliphate wrote

I wish we could get a proper testimony and get confirmation on all the big names around Epstein. I find it difficult to believe we'll actually get it, but just maybe


MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote


I assumed that she would live quietly for a few years and then everyone would cease to care, and that nothing will be resolved.

Instead, she's arrested, people will care a lot for a bit, she'll be suicided, and then nothing will be resolved.

Haha. But I do have a teeny bit of hope that some people may go down this time. Call me an optimist.


TTemp wrote

I'll be shocked if this leads to anything substantial

I'm afraid the bourgeois class will never be held accountable for any of their crimes against humanity until we revolt and bring about that justice with our own hands


Democritus wrote

Sadly she has information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.


hogposting wrote

It's a good development no matter what. If it leads to substantial prosecution (ha!) it's good, and if she's suicided in jail that makes the whole issue harder to ignore. Plus, whatever happens, this is bringing the whole "there's a huge, bipartisan, rich people pedo ring" story back into focus for at least a minute.