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PotatoHateExplosion wrote

I really hate that the ban happened right as this was picking up steam. We would've dunked them to smithereens.


Heywood_Floyd wrote

Well, Mr. M-16 is a lawyer whose hired Albert Watkins to defend him, a break-ya-fingas attorney whose website said the following:

Watkins garnered the first verdict of its kind against a young female who falsely accused a policeman of engaging in sexual relations and snorting cocaine with a female patron of a restaurant at which the policeman was working a security shift. When the defendant would not appear for her deposition, Watkins procured an order mandating the woman be brought into custody and held in jail pending her deposition. During the ensuing video deposition, Watkins swiftly got the woman to confess and admit the allegations were false. The video deposition swiftly became an internet sensation. A six-figure judgment was entered in favor of the policeman. The woman committed suicide thereafter.

Then he yanked the line about plaintiff suicide but the quasi-friend to posters The Wayback Machine saved the original.