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[deleted] wrote


MissPiggyOnRollerSkates wrote

I liked it in the 90s. I was a young teen discovering best case, the people in power didn't know what they were doing; worst case, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. A futile existence ruled over by an incompetent boss and malevolent anthropomorphic animals made sense to me? But I haven't tried rereading the strips I liked back then. I suspect I wouldn't enjoy them anymore.


SerLava wrote (edited )

It was the best comic in the Sunday paper.

So like, occasionally a little bit funny, as opposed to fucking worthless soul-crushingly humorless trash inexplicably churned out by the necrotic husk of a suburban dad.


PigPoopBalls wrote (edited )

I seem to remember my elementary school aged self finding it mildly amusing in the 1990s


xxweeabootrashxx wrote

Dumbass 7-year-old me was like "haha, office problems! So relateable! The drudgery of it all!"