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PringlesCaliphate wrote

Reply to comment by Ganggang in Parenti posting by hogposting

You want this place to be abandoned again, don't you? We had both on r/cth and we can have both here too.


Ganggang wrote

I’d rather have less activity from people that I like. I want people to come, and hopefully the people who don’t vibe with the general sites culture will be filtered out. Leaving an increase of people who I like. I’m attempting to expedite the process.

The old cth was kinda shitty tbh. This is a blessing in disguise, now is the time to gatekeep and let in a steady flow of cool people


PringlesCaliphate wrote

Gatekeeping and sectarianism, two very good strategies to achieve a "steady flow of cool people" coming in. Congratulations buddy, good luck


Ganggang wrote

I mean honestly it’s fine if they believe something different but like just be respectful at least don’t post this shit like it’s gospel