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RanDomino wrote (edited )

Already we're seeing the first signs with Leninism tolerance. When they take over successfully it's always by inches.

Ban PringlesCaliphate and hogposting. The latter for posting parenti and the former for running cover for it.


hogposting wrote (edited )

  1. "Tankies are bad"
  2. "But we should remove anyone who disagrees with my rigid ideological beliefs (I already have a list started); shit, just ban specific authors altogether"

PringlesCaliphate wrote

Sorry mr officer


RanDomino wrote

I love how you guys always go straight to "Oh, you're using force? Isn't that... authoritarianism? ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)". So predictable. Let me guess, next you're going to call me immature, yes?