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ZestyDwarf wrote

seen "lemmy" show up a bunch, been meaning to ask.. wtf is lemmy?


ziq wrote

It's the platform the former mods of the reddit sub are planning to shovel you all to.

It's barely functional in all honesty. Plus it's made by a crypto fash that's banned from the major leftist reddit subs (and raddle) for constantly disseminating fash lit:


ZestyDwarf wrote (edited )

Ew wtf? So lemmy and twitch, next to "volunteer funded and no us mods admins" damn, i just don't know how to choose!!


ziq wrote (edited )

We allow usa mods, just not admins because admins have access to IP addresses and the usa has secret court orders that allow them to force USAers to hand over IP addresses and never speak of it.


ZestyDwarf wrote

fixd it, was half remembered from reading abt it last night :)