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Vulpes wrote

There's already a 50/50 chance they're Weekend at Bernie's-ing him right now, so not much would change. Does the constitution actually say a president must be alive?


[deleted] wrote


twointhepinkerton wrote

Yeah but these are candidates, not presidents, and the supreme court has ruled that political parties are "private organizations" that aren't bound by any laws covering government, fun times.


spezlovesslavery6969 wrote

Do a Weekend at Bernie's with Biden, put Hillary as VP, Biden wins and gets impeached leaving Hillary the Presidency she's owed


xxweeabootrashxx wrote

It goes to the second place, Bernie, who drops out and endorses Condoleeza, his very good friend.


TTemp wrote

"My very good friend, Joe the rap(c)ist"



yaosio wrote

Here's how Bernie can win the nomination...


ziq wrote

I think they'll give it to Kamala Harris.


Ampelio wrote

Then we swear in Comrade Bernie sanders as the leader of the glorious proletarian revolution and declare the united soviet socialist republic of America.


LiquidHate777 wrote

dont know, but hope it wont happen... Joe v Trump will be the comedy event of the decade.


Zo1dberg wrote

They just pick a different candidate and give all Bidens current delegates to them. There is suspect that they will do this with Cuomo since out of nowehere the lib media started worshiping him despite the fact he's the reason New York has been getting fucked by Covid-19. The belief is if Biden "dies" theyl just give it to Cuomo.


hogposting wrote

This smells like the DNC asking for a friend


Heywood_Floyd wrote

"adabber" (a commenter on Ted Rall's website) posted this yesterday: "I am getting a feeling in my gut that possibly neither Liar Trump nor Liar Biden will be on the ticket in November, and I expect that the power brokers of both parties have back-up plans available to implement."

Think about it - Trump is a shambling wreck. His mind is still there sorta, but he has been too lazy to adapt to the "highest office." Biden has wanted the job since the mid-1960s, but now his brains are shot and he's trying to make his campaign into this "last desperate attempt to save America from Trump" when he and Trump are very similar, excluding that Biden's team aren't a bunch of flaming racists. Would you want either of these clowns representing your political party if you were the people funding or managing these entities? It wouldn't be Pence or whatever Veep Biden chooses but a total clean slate dictated by the back-room people with candidates [Insert Names Here] replacing both sides. It would be utterly wild, a mask off moment, and it makes more logical sense than letting Trump fart on or Biden delegate things to his team so he can sleep the four years.


DasRav wrote

I totally see this happening with Biden, but not Trump. Because much as the party hates him, they know his base is what is keeping them in any semblance of popularity.