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CircleA wrote

Whole sub got b& for thinking John Brown did nothing wrong.


DandyGiraffe wrote

Oh no sweaty, you got it all wrong. You can think whatever you like, we live in a democracy, just do not say it out loud and vote blue


TheDeed wrote

Isn’t the woman on the true anon podcast a terf


TomVR OP wrote

I think liz is friends with so many terfs shes being pulled in by he desire for maximum contrarianism.

Aka the amber method


celebratedrecluse wrote

wow that is really disappointing : / i find their show funnier than chapo, especially post-bernard and coronavirus.


TomVR OP wrote (edited )

I think brace is too much of a himbo to be anti trans, hard to say


celebratedrecluse wrote

i like liz too though. the two of them have very funny energy between them. ah well, kill your idyls etc


Vulpes wrote

If you have any knowledge of UK politics (and possibly even if you don't) Trash Future is absolutely hilarious, and far more funny than the current incarnation of Chapo. None of the hosts are TERFs to boot.


GoulashArchipelago68 wrote

I was banned from CTH for literally no reason less than a week before the purge.


ziq wrote

I hear they were cracking down on libs.