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IchDieneNiemandem wrote

But also alot of people have been further radicalised by the failure of bernie which is an upside I guess. A decent number of people have completely given up on electorialism


celebratedrecluse wrote

Sure, everyone will have their own reaction, and I don't really know what's going on in US right now. plus it's a big country. but i feel confident that there are some people who didn't just give up on electoralism, they gave up on everything related to engaging with the world and went into isolation and private life.


ChaosRocket wrote (edited )

Kind of makes me want to give up on everything to be honest. I mean if we can’t get even get enough people to vote for a socdem how would we possibly get enough people to be willing to fight and die for a socialist revolution? It’s hard to see any realistic path forward.


FeastingOnDubs OP wrote

The path forward is fomenting enough unrest at home that bourgeois imperialism is put on the backburner. I mean, before covid and these riots they were gearing up to go to war with somebody (Iran, China, Russia, etc.). Without the global south to exploit and even greater wealth concentration, America will be ripe for revolution.


celebratedrecluse wrote

in your country, it is in fact not easy to vote, especially if you are young and of colour. Look at the Georgia, USA primary.


Brooklyn_we_blow_hard wrote

Bernie was a nice man but he also wasn't the smoothest political operator. A more politically savvy candidate could have won, I think. Not to say there is any hope in change through electoralsim lol