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lastfutures wrote (edited )

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I don't. The world is going to end for me in at most ~50 years regardless.


TheDeed wrote

I think about how I will be old as it’s starting to get bad, and how young people will beat and rob me and harvest me for my flesh or something while I’m already dying of thirst or something

Basically yeah it’ll be horrific and bad and there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s too late


idunnowhoiambuthey wrote

I feel helpless when it comes to the climate so I dont really feel anxiety. I feel the most anxiety about things I feel like I could help.


CircleA wrote (edited )

It makes me sad but idk if it makes me anxious. It's not like we have any way to stop the collapse.


celebratedrecluse wrote

i have anxiety over diseases now definitely, and with some local issues to my region, and with the fallout of quarantine and stress causing friendships to blow up. But the climate? With everything else in my life, honestly not yet. Perhaps when the famine spreads here in a bigger way, I will see it as the immediate danger, but it is the pandemics and homelessness and poverty around me which demand my attention personally.

There's an effect of climate change, but it's still a background factor rather than the main lens that i see things through, or something that specifically gives me anxiety right now.


bloodrose wrote

Absolutely. I vacillate between three different responses:

  1. Plan for climate change and consider buying land and building something sustainable even in climate change
  2. Life as normal - still go to work and try to do my best
  3. Fuck it - let's enjoy shit before it burns - let's go to Disney and shit

#3 doesn't tend to happen much, to be honest, but these are the three coping thoughts that come to mind as the world is burning. I don't think any of them are helpful to society or helpful for fixing the problem at hand. Which just shows my anxious thinking is not helpful and I need to grow more as a person.


LimeWarrior wrote (edited )

Our global capitalist system has designed itself to entrench its power. Unless we root out all the entrenched power, the system will try to reproduce itself.

I just think it's a shame that we are so lucky to be on a rare planet where a species develops that can cooperate enough to develop space travel and quantum science, and it seems like we are about to throw that potential in the toilet.

For what? So corporations can keep feeding us food that is stuffed with as many petrochemicals as our corrupt government will allow; So we can spend time, energy, and resources carefully crafting a piece of metal that will explode where we send it, bringing horrific death and destruction; So we can keep a large portion of people in a constant state of desperation and panic with the threat of homelessness.

Seems like most of human history is just a physical manifestation of the sad trombone sound.


ritasuma wrote

I suffer from everything anxiety