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altacus wrote (edited )

another libt*rd rekt with facts and logic
(apparently this website bans words, which blows)


bloodrose moderator wrote (edited )

Hi There,

It seems you are inadvertently using ableist slurs. You're new here so please allow me to explain nicely.

See this wiki:

Also, this wiki on "free speech":

Especially this part of the free speech wiki:

The "freedom" to scapegoat, demonize and demean people who are different from you really stands in direct contradiction with anarchy. Discriminating against people based on ability, race, gender or sexuality creates authority. It makes you an authoritarian. Your rhetoric directly alienates the people who belong to the groups you're choosing to look down on in disgust and present as less-than human. By using demeaning language to chastise marginalized people for their perceived inadequacies, you're upholding normative social roles, creating classes and subclasses and strengthening the authoritarian power structures that directly oppress any people that belong to minority groups.

For example, by using the word "f*ggot" as an insult, you effectively cast gay people as being worthy of scorn and derision. You assert authority over everyone who isn't heterosexual and make life incredibly difficult for people that don't meet the normative standards you've helped construct to maintain the social dominance of heterosexuals.

So, my own personal take is that while I recognize your use of "t *rd" at the end of a word is not intended to be authoritative in the way the wiki discusses, continuing to use the terminology in popular vernacular makes it easier for bad actors to use it oppressively. Because we recognize this, we ask that users avoid ableist language on raddle. I know this can be a very frustrating ask and some people have a hard time adapting. To this day, I still have to edit comments as I realize I've accidentally used ableist language.

Thanks, Bloodrose


altacus wrote

Isn't this place supposed to be a replacement for the Chapo sub?


ziq wrote

Doesn't mean it has to be the same. It can be better.


altacus wrote (edited )

I don't think banning the word libt*rd makes this place better


TTemp wrote (edited )

I know it can be a little difficult to eliminate ableist slurs from your vernacular, but we should really be making the effort

No good reason whatsoever to disparage and alienate our comrades with disabilities. I'm sure they get just about enough of that from the reactionaries in mainstream spheres

Let's be better than that


ziq wrote

It sure makes the place better if you are unfortunate enough to be regularly called ableist insults due to your ability.