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StefTakka wrote

We knew it was going to be banned eventually. I made peace with that. I did have a bad taste in my mouth that it had one of our trans sisters expressing how much support she received was the top post when banning it as a hate sub. I felt a lot of support from there as an ace guy.


ziq wrote

Yeah apparently that was the last post:


Green_Blender wrote

i get that it's the nature of platforms like that but it's certainly a statement to ban GC and TD at the same time as cth.


SerLava wrote

My last post was under that thread-

"Your sincere posting is almost as valid as you are"


Mardoniush wrote (edited )

Not the worst epitaph


veronicasawyer wrote

it made me sad too, but a nice goodbye as they go. couldve been pigpoolonballs lol


illulium wrote

It was good for that, they even shat on woke chasers


Femandems wrote

Hopefully the community can live on through this. Reddit as a whole is garbage for trans people and I'm gonna miss r/CTH.