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Heywood_Floyd wrote

What kills me about all the talk on r/politics and in comments elsewhere is that nobody recognized the hard truth that The_Donald left Reddit last November when they set up a subreddit-like forum on a .win domain site, all over a dispute between their 35-40 moderators and Reddit corporate (Admins wanted them to get break up what had become a mafia of the same people for five years, the mafia said "no", began planning). There is no comparison - CTH was a real community and not a goon squad. Destroying it just made Reddit into more of a rightwing hellhole.


TheDeed wrote

They are acting like it's a victory lol. Classic liberalism


Heywood_Floyd wrote

It's like Encyclopedia Dramatica - the site is still around as a kind/sorta bootleg of the original, which was wiped by Sherrod DiGrippo are replaced by the failed "Oh, Internet" and the even more failed "What Port 80." Most of the places spez killed were rinky-dink. Those people will either form new subreddits or go elsewhere.....the damage for Reddit began when they let child porn subreddits run wild early on, and u/Violentacrez (the guy who gave us r/spacedicks and r/picsofdeadkids) really did not help.