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MediumDickEnergy wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by DeerGirl in reddit bans chapo subreddit by shellac

r/CTH was unironically one of the largest, most successful and accepting left spaces on the internet. And while lots of people to the left of us hated us (mostly young dorks who read a bunch of theory and have like 1 friend), it also consistently had funny memes and good struggle sessions. There is absolutely only one reason it got banned, it was successfully driving people to the left. It was cleaning their brains of the years of systematic programming to keep people locked in the capitalist, exceptionalist fantasy.


celebratedrecluse wrote

yeah all the problems with reddit community aside, it was targeted not for any of those critiquable elements but for the simple fact of appearing "fair and balanced" while banning right wing subs, as well as making reddit more marketer friendly. utterly gutless admins


anarchyfrog wrote

Struggle sessions? Like Maoism?


hogposting wrote

That's where the term originates, yes, but here it's being used to describe an unpleasant conversation that likely won't come to a satisfactory resolution.

E.g., "I'm going to Thanksgiving with my family and I know once Uncle Ralph gets a few in him we'll have another struggle session over immigration."