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CircleA wrote

Reply to comment by riccardo in reddit bans chapo subreddit by shellac

Pretty shortsighted to try and start a site from scratch when this one is already sitting here and is well established. Idk what it is about leftists and splitting.


riccardo wrote

Well, Lemmy is opensource and federated - as far as I know Raddle isn't opensource, and for sure doesn't support federation. Which in my opinion are two really big advantages lemmy has, because everyone can host their own instance, there's no central authority, and communities can federate between instances. Similarly to how Mastodon and all the Fediverse ecosystem works, which is kinda dope


ziq wrote

Raddle is fully free and open source, please don't spread disinfo.


riccardo wrote (edited )

That is great, thank you for the link. I said "as far as I know" because I kinda suspected it was but I didn't find a direct link in the site wiki and I only now figured out there's a "technical resources useful for learning how Raddle is built" entry which links to the sourcecode. Does it federate? I see no mention about federation in the docs/gitlab repo. Hope I didn't miss that one too


mofongo wrote

No federation, our main (and only) developer has no experience with federation. At this point of development, it would require a rewrite, too.