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ziq wrote

and an incel prolly


LibSocPunkFan wrote

r/gendercritical: "Trans people should be stripped of their rights!" r/The_Donald: "Kill Muslims! Kill LGBT+ People! etc." r/CTH "Slavery is bad" Reddit: "I can't tell the difference between any of these!"


anthm17 wrote

nah, but he thinks in a post-apocalyptic scenario his brains and leadership ability would make him the leader.

If there is a an apocalypse we should make him act like a dog at all times.


CircleA wrote

I'm just gonna eat him tbh fam. I'll need a good dip for my Bezos nuggets.


cadence wrote

lame post, please criticise people on things that they believe rather than whether or not they fuck


ziq wrote

incel is the belief that men deserve women's bodies and are being deprived of them due to feminism