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ziq wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by suma in reddit bans chapo subreddit by shellac

Translation: "our advertisers would rather we not promote socialism, so we're using the banning of the_fascist to quietly dispose of our biggest left-sub before it turns even more people against our fellow billionaires."

Time to update this old wiki:


Huffman is terrified of the poor uprising against him. He even has an underground survival bunker and is forever preparing to defend himself from us in a revolution. No joke:


makfuck wrote

these fucking clowns think they can survive climate change with their fucking bunkers oh my god ecological collapse isn't something you can fucking wait out for a few weeks or months


ziq wrote

people with money are 100% certain their money can buy anything, they prob plan to live underground in climate controlled bunker cities and nuke the surface so none of us can get to them


makfuck wrote

they'll go crazy. do you know how much astronauts train to stay in space?? imagine someone completely untrained in a bunker with their family and they can NEVER come out. they don't nearly have what it takes, and eventually their technology will break down just as everything does


hogposting wrote

You don't need to look at astronauts -- look at the last few months of people who've stayed mostly at home.


TTemp wrote

They would all starve to death in a matter of just a few years