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107a wrote

I think it's time to begin the great socialist migration to raddle.


masquerademinutes wrote

Hope we can actually stay and make a community. Raddle is cool. Some other platforms too but here is left-focused.


Canama wrote

i'm still not an anarchist but i guess i'll give it a shot


hogposting wrote

You may not agree with anarchists on everything, but they do a lot of cool shit.


ByotrKrobuttkin wrote

I can't use this fucking site, it looks just like Reddit, which sucks ass. I need it to look like OLD Reddit, which also sucked ass but was usable


lempamo wrote

whatcha talkin bout man, this don't look bad at all to me


AlumiuN wrote

I wish it would fill up a little more horizontal space (I use 1440p, so that might be why it doesn't), but otherwise it looks decent.


very_homo wrote

Get a browser extension that lets you make mild tweaks to the CSS e.g. Stylebot


SerLava wrote (edited )

Yeah this is more like old reddit than new reddit.


Niobium62 wrote

it looks more like old reddit than new reddit to me. at least the posts in a given sub are compact and don't take up half the fucking screen