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ziq wrote

This is more "both sides" bullshit obviously. Spez trying to appear fair and balanced by banning a left sub every time he bans a fash sub.


LibSocPunkFan wrote

Spez is a nazi


ziq wrote

and an incel prolly


LibSocPunkFan wrote

r/gendercritical: "Trans people should be stripped of their rights!" r/The_Donald: "Kill Muslims! Kill LGBT+ People! etc." r/CTH "Slavery is bad" Reddit: "I can't tell the difference between any of these!"


anthm17 wrote

nah, but he thinks in a post-apocalyptic scenario his brains and leadership ability would make him the leader.

If there is a an apocalypse we should make him act like a dog at all times.


CircleA wrote

I'm just gonna eat him tbh fam. I'll need a good dip for my Bezos nuggets.


cadence wrote

lame post, please criticise people on things that they believe rather than whether or not they fuck


ziq wrote

incel is the belief that men deserve women's bodies and are being deprived of them due to feminism


TTemp wrote

I think it's the opposite

They used the banning of fash subs (T_D had long been dead) as an excuse to ban CTH. They can't be allowing such a large sub to exist that is advocating socialism. Its affect on advertisers is reason enough alone to do this.


ziq wrote (edited )

yeah looking at the numbers, t_d was all but dead. it was one of the least active subs of the big subs they banned.


masquerademinutes wrote

If one knows about the concept of symbolic violence, "both sides" and "free speech" can never be an argument for hate. This shit isn't separated from reality. Reddit has been a bureaucracy forever, but it's consolidated -- whilst the normal user thinks it's China's fault because "China invests in reddit".