Rules for f/carhopping

Submitted by thief moderator in carhopping

Welcome to f/carhopping. Here you can discuss the act of car hopping in a much more secure environment than Reddit; but we do have some rules you must follow if you are going to contribute:

Rule 1: Do not encourage behavior that will get someone shot or apprehended. The last thing we want out of this forum is for someone to use false information from here and end up getting shot by the homeowner. Car hopping counts as auto burglary in every state, which is a felony, so the rule also applies for those who give information hoping to get someone arrested. You will be permanently banned if caught and potentially reported to the site admins.

Rule 2: Moralizing is not allowed. No one here gives a single fuck or wants to hear about how much of a law abiding citizen you are or what you think is wrong. If your feelings are hurt by the content here, leave.

Pretty simple, right? That's all we ask. Feel free to post around and ask questions.



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ThinOakSlump wrote

ok i dont agree with carhopping but im gonna be subscribed, i'd love to hear some stories!


ChesterVonBossum wrote

Any tips for beginners? Certain neighborhoods to target, apartment complexes due to the close proximity of vehicles etc?


Backintoit wrote

I target high end housing developments, no less than 10 mins from the nearest police station. 15 or more preferred. These people tend to not lock their vehicles in my experience.


DamnScalper wrote

What about the proliferation of keyless cars? Don't they automatically lock after a certain time has lapsed?


Backintoit wrote

Hey bud, just posted a new thread with tips. Feel free to check it out