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Anargnome_Communist wrote

I really like stuff from Neal Stephenson and recently enjoyed Perido Street Station by China Mieville a lot, but those aren't exactly light reading. You have to be able to stomach a lot of infodumps that don't really go anywhere.

I've also been getting into Cory Doctorow a lot. His stuff is a lot less dense and the themes he explores will often be of interest to the people here.

I'm also catching up on Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, which comes highly recommended. It's lighthearted fantasy that still manages to talk about Important Stuff, such as morality, power, inequality, etc.


Torskion wrote (edited )

If you're into Sci-Fi, I heartily recommend The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. It's an intense novel about a man consumed by his desire to exact revenge. I warn that there is a rape scene.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula K. Guin is a great short story that touches upon the topic of Utilitarianism. Not a light read.

For a lighter read, I recommend Howl's Moving Castle. A lot of people don't know about the book because of the success that the movie had, however, both are amazing in my opinion. And the book tells a completely different story from the movie so its worth picking up.

(Wait haha, I didn't realize that you didn't want non-fictions) Non-Fiction I would recommend "Hero of the Empire" by Candice Miller about Winston Churchill's escapades in South Africa during the 2nd Boer War. A fun read.


existential1 OP wrote

Lol. Just want to point out I meant it as a critique of states that would do some essentialist stuff like that. Not to intentionally erase trans folks. I'd imagine if written well, it could really display how trans stories amd narratives don't fit binaries when the binaries are created and maintained for such horrible reasons.

But alas, people shall believe what they will.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I'm absolutely positive I read one of those greentexts that totally happened and everybody clapped on /tg/ that had a nearly identical plot to OP's kink except the villain wanted to make a matriarchy where cis women ruled and trans women were used for breeding while men were eradicated and she was stopped by the heroic straight woman who totally sleeps with the storyteller and gave a one liner like "some of us prefer our dicks with men attached to them" before slaying her and like, that still somehow feels less weird and essentialist than this. Like not to kinkshame OP but you're being kind of a pisswizard and you could stand to hide it a little better.


heckthepolice2 wrote

Fury Road is really good and actually has a lot of pretty rad themes (feminist, anti-authority, even kind of anticiv imo). The youtube channel Innuendo Studios did some solid videos on it.