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Freux wrote

I love e-readers once I discovered epub was the right format for them. I just want one with colours that can show cbr and I would be damn happy. That would also mean the possibility of a double-page layout. Doesn't take space, can carry anywhere, can share books I'm still reading, doesn't get ruined.

Books look great on shelves though and materialness of a book also play a part in the experience, turning pages, holding a massive book, the paper smell, paper colour from yellowish taint to flashy white, it all give some uniqueness.


Fossidarity wrote

I have an old Kindle Touch which I jailbreaked and put KOReader on. If you have a Kindle (please don't buy them) I would recommend doing this, it allows you to read ePubs and the interface has way more options than the default one.

I use it for reading most material as I don't like to buy paper books, but if someone has a zine to distribute I'll take it.


bloodrose wrote

I have one. I love it because it can hold sooo many books. However, my reading choices have changed a lot lately and well, you can't get green anarchist zines on a kindle, lol. PDF format on a tiny screen sucks.


GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

I can definitely see where they're coming from wrt Sleeping Beauty, but I think banning fairy tales of all things that the kids will be exposed to anyway is pointless and reactionary. It'd be a better use of time and effort to make sure they're contextualized properly. Explaining to them for example that the Grimm stories were collected in a much different time and changed to suit the tastes of the rich at the time. Most kids I knew growing up didn't hear the version of Red Riding Hood with the woodsman until much later, because for some reason a little girl and an old woman being eaten alive is less objectionable than a man saving them by slaying the wolf, but the story itself arguably has more teaching value in that telling since it won't assure you that a stranger will always come and save you when you're in danger. I'd just rather see kids be taught the stories and have them explained to them instead of hiding them because the teachers and parents don't want to actually do the work of engaging with the kids.

e: It's also a shitty fix for addressing sexism in the first place. Kids aren't learning to bully girls from fucking Saint George, they're learning from watching their elders and from the social cues their elders give them. Girls are still getting punished by teachers and administrators for failing to adequately perform white femininity and being suspended for shit like having hair that's not the right length, color or texture or for using the goddamn bathroom when they need to. School faculty love being petty tyrants and gender roles are taught and propagated in the school through authority punishing and humiliating kids for failure to conform and turning a blind eye or even tacitly encouraging it when other students follow the adult's example.


hasbrochem wrote

yeah it's going to be a different experience. how many years have a lot of us spent reading physical books? there's a lot of emotions built up around it too as we've experienced the books we've read. so there's going to be that mental link between the shuffling of the pages, feeling the weight of the book, the smell of the paper and ink, and so on that we're not going to have with an e-reader, at least not initially.

I've been using an e-reader for 5+ years now and love it. nothing like having to move to help one realize that owning physical books are a pain in the ass. it's a matter of preference that I don't really think one is better than the other, it's just what we're used to.

I can imagine the arguments when they switched from clay tablets to paper, "paper just doesn't have the smell and feel of my clay tablets..." lolz