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black_fox OP wrote

favorite stuff i've read:

All Things Are Nothing To Me by Jacob Blumfield
The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
Alienation by Inés Estrada

Don't Let Them Leave, a Treatsie Against Space (zine) [PDF]


Nuktuk wrote (edited )

baedan for me was very enjoyable. the meat of the book was super good but I remember taking mushrooms after reading the phallus/orifice part (musings on nothingness i think it was called) and that definitely lead to some fun visuals. very much looking forward to reading the next two books they did.


Basil wrote

I personally really liked Stranger In a Strange Land, The Great Gatsby, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and, of course, My Disillusionment In Russia


El_Sabate wrote

Best I've read this year:

Creating a Movement with Teeth - haven't finished this one yet, but it's good and I think a very important topic.

Fire on the Mountain - Terry Bisson

Maroon the Implacable - Russell Maroon Shoatz

Unrestricted Warfare - haven't finished it yet, but good so far

Bolo bolo

War in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History by Robert Asprey - again, haven't finished it, but really interesting deep dive into guerrilla warfare throughout history

Without a Glimmer of Remorse by Pino Cacucci

A bank robbery, some anarchists and the choice for revolt

I also re-read the US Army's "Ranger's Handbook" - probably THE definitive book on small unit combat tactics.

Also, if any of you are interested and can't find any of these, let me know and I can hook you up.


Cheeks wrote

Best: I wanna be well: how a punk found peace and you can to. By Miguel Chen

It's basically Buddhism 101 for punks. And written in a really relatable way. I've always been fascinated by Buddhism and Buddhists. I find them to be noble in some aspects and delusionally complacent in others. A good read for anyone trying to be a better a version of themselves, whatever the fuck that means.

Desert. By anonymous Just reread this. More wonderful the third time.

Worst: The Fall by Albert camus One sided conversation with someone who is gonna commit suicide. I actually liked it but it pissed me off.


asbestosstar wrote

Have not read a whole lot, but I kinda liked the parts of bread book I listened to, The Parts of Stirner, Neo-Nihilism was good, I also liked Communist Manifesto


coinin9hands wrote

The Changeling by Joy Williams was my favorite book this year and possibly ever. Never read a book that had so much pure physical power in the language and was able to affect me in the way this one did.

Worst was probably Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville. Very disappointed there bc I'd heard great things about him and I was excited to find a sci-fi/fantasy writer that engaged in an innovative way with heavy political and artistic themes, but it just felt like a lot of namedrops of avant-garde figures over a profoundly uninteresting and generic book.


orange wrote

Good poets I've read this year!

Seam by Tarfia Faizulla > pdf

Ayiti by Roxane Gay > pdf


nbdy wrote

I’m just going to share fiction because that’s all I can think of right now:
Embassytown - China Mieville (this is the only one I’d recommend most people read)
Body - Harry Crews
A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara
Cows - Mathew Stokoe
These are all fantastic and really captivating. I’d really recommend the last three if people are in a place where they can handle some fucked up content.


meo wrote (edited )

Everyone in this thread is posting the variety of thought-provoking pieces they've read this year while I'm just over here trying to remember if I've read anything except a few femslash fanfics.