New feature: Spoiler Tags

Submitted by sudo moderator in books (edited )

I edited the CSS to include the option to use spoiler tags, like TvTropes uses. The spoiler part will be hidden by default - you have to highlight the text with your mouse to see it. To use them, simply make the text you want to be hidden be a link, but have the link URL be #s. So,

This is a [spoiler](#s). creates:

This is a spoiler.

Let me know if there are any bugs.



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BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Not working on mobile.

Edit: oh it is actually, but only if you start dragging the text before the tag, which might be an issue if the entire post is spoiler tagged?


sudo OP wrote

The same is true for a desktop PC. Idk why anyone would make the entire post a spoiler, though.