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zzuum wrote

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson


Gaydar_exe wrote

"Pedagogy of the Oppressed" by Palo Freire and " Stamped from the Beginning" by Ibram X Kendi.

The the latter books is an exhaustive history of the rhetoric used to justify slavery and anti-blackness. Good if you want something comprehensive.


ThreeTimesThree wrote

How Google Works. It's very corporate, but after reading it Google made slightly more sense to me.

Before that I was reading Artemis by Andy Weir. Not as good as The Martian but alright. Anything is better than Ernest Cline?

And before that I was reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I believe it won the Pulitzer for Most Depressing Book Ever Written.


ziq wrote

Most Depressing Book Ever Written

Sounds like my kind of book.


Possebon wrote

Carlos Ruiz Zafón's The Labyrinth of Spirits, I actually started this last year in Spanish but my Spanish is so shit I gave up after about 100 pages.

Also, José Saramago's The History of the Siege of Lisbon which isn't my favourite Saramago I've read so far but still really great. It seems much more personal than say, Blindness or Death at Intervals.


ThrashGoat wrote


Against Domestication - Jacques Camatte

Recently finished:

The Myth of Sisyphus - Albert Camus

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison - Michel Foucault


PersistenceMechanism wrote

After Discipline and Punish, do you plan on reading Security, Territory, Population since it does mark a shift in Foucault's thinking from Discipline and Punish?


ThrashGoat wrote (edited )

I hadn't heard of Security, Territory, Population before, I'm looking at info about it now and it looks interesting, but really long. Discipline and Punish was such a long and difficult read that I'll probably leave Foucault's longer works for awhile. i'll probably read some of his shorter works soon.