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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Here's my personal public library--
It's my Calibre content server, and has about 30 books on different topics-- everything from classic books to leftist texts to technology to conlangs.
I keep it up 24/7.
Sharing is caring! :)


god wrote

I double-taked when I saw this. It's so similar to my own personal library. Random mix of lisp, hacking books (including the Art of Memory Forensics), and other stuff.


OldHippieChick wrote

I wish I had the skills to put my own calibre library up somewhere and also my extensive collection of both good and horrifically awful but heavily marketed homeschooling/self-education resources.

If you're looking for anything radical parenting/radical education on TPB and there aren't any seeders, just drop me a PM and that could change.

No judgement for wanting educational resources for your kids or yourself, but all that "me me me" sh*t from some wannabe Rothschild has already been judged:

and found guilty so let me help you laugh at the crap they try to sell you and find the good stuff that's buried in the dollar discount bin, 'kay?


sudo OP wrote

Thanks! This is a good collection. I downloaded Practical Common Lisp and The Art of Deception. Also, Calibre can do that?! It's better than I thought.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Thanks. :)
I'm glad Lisp is becoming trendy, jajaja.
And you can start the server on Calibre by clicking "Connect/Share -> Start Content Server"-- it runs on port 8080.
Calibre's pretty rad.