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fjones wrote

"Just Kids", (Illustrated version) Patti Smith's relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. With drawings and photos.


mustard wrote

Raddle and Anarchist News


selver wrote

These threads are a painful reminder that I don't read enough.

Still Freedom: My Dream. Think I'll do Women, Race, & Class by Angela Davis next.


Freux wrote

I feel your pain, I have a hard time focusing on one thing so I started 3 different books and one of them hasn't been opened in at least a year because I start focusing on other stuff instead of reading.


zzuum wrote

All the Halo books. I'm on Thursday War


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Close to nothing this week! Just a little around local history.

Still working my way slowly through Mamdani's Citizen and Subject, though. It's a solid read.


Fossidarity wrote

I gave Against the Grain away this week, only finished a quarter of it so now I'm trying to find an ebook for it but no success so far.

Instead I started reading No Wall They Can Build by Crimethinc.


neverinNJ wrote

Mostly Raddle and mainstream magazines New York, Fortune, and Time. No mention of J20 defendant victory in Time.


iamthelorax wrote (edited by a moderator )

lol y every1 so serios?

read a fking regular book, [edited out]. rekt triggered lulzzzzz


Pop wrote

Lol this guy's intimidated by the fact that we read

it must be tough when your only book this year is jordan peterson or some shit