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throwaway wrote (edited )

It's a little difficult to get through because the writer has a complex style, and it's old, but it is an all-time gem: The Book of Bread, by Kropotkin. Here's some other good nonfictional books I've read that made an impression (be warned, though: mostly anarchist-communist philosophy):

  • Direct struggle against Capital, a Peter Kropotkin anthology - this one is a beast, I don't recommend it if you're new in the world of anarchist literature
  • God and the State, Bakunin - easily swallowed, doesn't deal with capitalism and economics but instead focuses on, you guessed it, the concept of god and its ties with the state
  • Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton - A load of stuff that really makes you think, and introduces you to an unimaginable number of concepts and ways of thought; but, also a ton of bullshit. Take it with a grain of salt.
  • Fragments of an anarchist Anthropology, David Graeber - An awesome short book, written with a modern and understandable language by one of the most notable anarchists of our time
  • Bolo'bolo, P. M. - Presents a model for utopia, which helps with connecting all the up-in-the-skies philosophy that many of these books forces you to deal with, with the real world
  • The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels - A very powerful short manifesto, designed as a propaganda piece to inspire the masses. Gives you a short introduction the communist way of thought, gives your anger (at least in my case, I've been overflowing with rage at times) some purpose and direction, and ends it all with a page or two on authoritarian bullshit. Great read.

e: Here's some that I've been wanting to read, and will get to if my local book café gets them:

  • Wither Anarchism?, Kristian Williams - Takes a closer look at the shortcomings of the anarchist-communist scene today, and investigates how anarchism can move forward
  • Rethinking Anarchy, Carlos Taibo - Self-explanatory title, really; its topic of choice is similar to Wither Anarchism
  • May Made Me, Mitchell Abidor - A real story from France, 1968