What are your favorite SciFi/fantasy series/novels?

Submitted by selver in books (edited )

It's been a while since I've read any fiction, so I've been looking for good series to get obsessed with. Picked up The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin and it's really good so far.

Any other suggestions? People who aren't white dudes preferred. (But also what are your favorites regardless)

Mine are Gentlemen Bastards, Song of Ice and Fire, Hainish Cycle.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I hear very good things about Samuel R. Delany, though I'm yet to take the plunge. QPoC, interesting. I think Rydra from FRR talked about him a lot.


selver wrote

Oh yeah, I heard some other anarchist talking about him too. I'll check that out.


indi wrote

I'm a huge fan of time travel stories, so I can't get enough of Connie Willis's books: Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, and so on.